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Choose designs for beautiful nails

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1 Choose designs for beautiful nails on Tue May 22, 2012 3:43 pm

Hot girl Midu, long legs Thanh Hang, actress Minh Hang with choosing paint color designs and delicate nails.

Usually, when giving manicures, we spend so much time to choose paint colors, eye-catching patterns. But like we missed a first step is extremely important, it is appropriate to choose the shape of your nails. A logical choice would show off the beauty and sophistication to the hand. Here are a few suggestions for your reference:

A. Oval Nails

Jinfeng Miss Star 2011
These shapes are common and favorite sister because it fit with many styles of hand, especially with the fingers short and broad. The advantage is that the finger feels long, more slender, offers elegance and femininity. However, as the foundation for this style, the first due to brittle nails are trimmed around the edges rounded nail weakness. So do not forget to water the foundation support before painting or drawing.

Two. Square nails

Hot girl Midu
This classic French style nail is still a fad with the girlfriend. But it's just best if you have a hand with long fingers, small nails to surface. To get the perfect square shape nails, filing your nails straight sides first, then to the tip.

3. Nail square + oval (Squoval)

Angela Trinh Phuong
The combination between the two designs based on the type of foundation squoval overcomes disadvantages of the oval nails and square nails. Squoval sturdy than oval nails and slimming, feminine than square nails. It is also suitable to design all shape of the finger.

4. Round nail

Thanh Hang

Ha Anh
With your finger nails thin and brittle, so brittle, then rounded to type. In addition, when filing nails, do not round to the tip is too long. It will break the link between the logical structure and finger nails.

Five. Sharp nails

Minh Hang
This nail designs popular in the 90s. So, the girls still prefer the classic style nail this option. Like oval nails, nail shape is quite weak and break easily. Also, when so sharp claws, you must often decorated with painted surfaces or painted nail pattern for your hands to the ceiling would be very offensive. Should choose neutral colors instead of bold color to nail tip. This nail style that best suits these girls have short fingers.
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