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Gets me through the frightening experience of medical

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Of course no parent wants their children to go to hospital or take medication, but there are medical situations inevitable in her childhood. Maybe your child will be very scared should you be prepared mentally to a place based firm, to help her overcome the challenges were not happy at all this.

For years I just drink water pills, drugs dissolved in water or mixed into porridge. But now she needs to take pills or capsules.

Intimidating factor. She may vomit as soon as the tongue touches the tablet, or he may be too worried about choking the throat should be tightened by instinct.

The tablets can be quite large with challenging children (Photo by Inmagine)

Parents need to do. Offer sips of water sip before giving pills to as dry mouth makes swallowing difficult; also remind him that this is very natural thing to swallow, my throat will automatically swallow if she does not stress too that prevents it. But you have to forget common advice is easy to swallow back the output will go offline more! In fact, this action does not directly esophagus as you think but also close it, making it more difficult to swallow. Instead, to slip deep into the tablet in the mouth, chin slightly press down, and the baby sips of water. If the tablet stuck too slow or goes down, ask him or her to continue drinking, reassure your baby will be completed as soon as time and discomfort will disappear immediately.

Prepare mentally for me. Ask your doctor is prescribing for children can choose between tablets or capsules or, if so, select the second category because the capsule floating in the water while tablets sank like a stone on her tongue . You can set your baby try to swallow the food particles sized tablet (such as apples, pears chopped as tablet), then the baby was swallowing drugs.

For anyone who has a parent, the most horrific scenes you've ever seen is warning his son fell down the stairs or bicycle along with a rending scream and legs (or arms) Donate leave. If you see her bones stuck out, do not move little but call an ambulance immediately.

Intimidating factor. Fractures immediately painful and often intensely painful, so you can hear her crying even more terrible in the movie "Home Alone". The young child can hate just to stay X-rays only, not to mention her story makes no bones fixed comfortable at all. And of course, to real estate for several weeks or months in the state locked up and itch "like crazy" is downright horrible to her. Fortunately, if your doctor need to make coming back bone - a procedure very painful art - your baby will be anesthetized.

Parents need to do. Ask health workers in place for her pain immediately, then help her distracted from the wounds and fears, talking and laughing with her children to forget the pain. The small child will feel reassured to always be next to a parent, you may request the health authorities allow you to stay next to me (her fist, holding the baby or the baby sat on) while taking X-rays and was even cast. When he was appointed permanent cast, you should help her keep the dough does not get wet in the shower and to monitor the status of the dough to visit in case needed.

Prepare mentally for me. No one can really prepare for fracture situations, but when it happened, a little careful with the words you use while waiting for the doctor arrived. The word "fracture" can relate to a broken image in the mind is obsessed panic because of her pain. Instead, you should use those words lightly and with little more optimistic as "pain" or "injured". With the large baby a little more ready to receive information about your situation, you can use the information from medical to explain what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing.
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