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First aid food poisoning in children

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1 First aid food poisoning in children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:43 pm

Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung (Head of Children's Bach Mai Hospital) said, children or food poisoning by storing food in the refrigerator.

When your baby has food poisoning, parents should do the following things:
- When your baby has signs of food poisoning, to stop eating it immediately.

- Pay close attention the whole time she was vomiting and sleeping. Because in many children, was asleep but she was also vomiting and nausea in the lying position so dangerous, may be choking on the nose, down the lung. When vomiting choking on the nose, adults sucking mouth quickly if her nose is overwhelmed, difficulty breathing and can lead to death.

- Additional oresol baby: When vomiting, diarrhea baby dehydration, electrolyte disorders. Without rehydration, electrolyte by oresol baby will gradually exhausted, severe dehydration can be dangerous to life.

But remember the principle, according to the instructions oresol phase, sip slowly, little one, do not drink too much at once. Many cases the children go outside too much, fearing the loss of water, mixed parents oresol 200ml glass catch the drink with all that baby vomiting, can not offset water shortages.

There are also clench her mouth resolutely refused to drink oresol that "claim" with other juices such as coca, which has gas ... parents absolutely not compromise with the baby. By drinking this water goes out into the state will get worse. Even water is not good choices because only help her feel thirsty but had no effect offset electrolytes.

Also remember, if you drink less oresol principle, but each time a baby is sick to drink, go outside the state too much to be rushed to hospital for rehydration, electrolyte replacement by intravenous fluids.

- Eat lean meat gruel cooked with carrots (or potatoes, pumpkin and a little green bananas). These vegetables help "mold" for the assignment, help them goes beyond distribution denser, support dehydration worse. However, if she was tired, not want to eat, their parents need not worry. Not even eat all day but are compensated enough water, electrolyte compensation, he is not too tired.

- Do not use bird diarrhea: Parents absolutely no baby bird diarrhea medication. Diarrhea caused by food poisoning, eating unfamiliar food or dishes at the same time another rider ... no need to rush right medication, just this food is served all patients will go out from. In many cases, go beyond taking hold as causing bacteria, toxins cause food poisoning in the digestive system stay longer, make patients flatulence, abdominal distention, abdominal pain.

Every bird diarrhea medication is indicated to the doctor.
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