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Chamber of diarrhea in children

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1 Chamber of diarrhea in children on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:44 pm

In our country diarrhea and respiratory infections are two common diseases in children and also the most lethal for children.

But through contact with the mothers take children to visit, there are still many people are not aware about the disease: caused where, can I do to prevent and tackle like when children have diarrhea.

Where The reason? The main reason is due to lack of food hygiene, food rancid elected flies, bean contamination, dirty hands are not washed before handling food.

Risk due to diarrhea:
The risk of malnutrition: diarrhea because of the nutrients are not provided by child complete loss of appetite, more often by the family is not wrong for children to eat food to rise for fear of diarrhea. Consequently, when children from diarrhea are malnourished again.

The risk of death: Without rehydration and electrolyte body will fall into the water and electrolyte loss. The study of diarrheal disease have demonstrated that up to 70% of deaths due to dehydration. The remaining causes of poisoning, pneumonia ...

How do I know baby dehydration:
There are 3
- Mild dehydration: thirst and requires children to drink. In young children are often fussy is not talking much to drink only enough to finish crying.

- Dehydrated medium: external manifestations thirsty children with dry eyes or mucous membranes of the lips, mouth dry, wrinkled skin. The kids can sag fontanelle, sunken eyes, the eyes closed not sleep tight, baby cries without tears, saliva ...

- Loss of heavy water: In addition to the above symptoms should see children with special signs such as mental lethargy, and sometimes struggle, or li coma, or seizures.

When to begin service: moderate dehydration but children can not drink, drink to the child vomiting and severe dehydration are necessary for rehydration fluids and electrolytes.

What to do when a child has diarrhea:
- As soon as the young child with diarrhea should drink oral rehydration is best oresol (phase memory in accordance with specified on the package, a package properly diluted in 1 liter of boiled water). For each child to drink from a spoon until all thirsty to drink. If within 24 hours without drinking liters of liquid phase containing the dumped another course for containing liquid will be destroyed.

- Continue to eat and feed normally (if the nursing infant) notice the easily digestible foods: lean meat porridge, chicken cooked with carrots, potatoes. If your child should use canned milk diluted twice normal levels.

Mistakes to avoid:
- Keep children not to eat well and drink water for fear of increased diarrhea, child diarrhea leading to dehydration was even more severe dehydration more dangerous

- The second mistake arbitrarily antibiotics. Today the study of diarrhea demonstrate that diarrhea in the young, the body still absorbs water ingested and absorbed 60% of food into the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, most viral causes of diarrhea if antibiotics will be completely useless but children do more tired. teach children to walk

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