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Experience feeding yogurt

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1 Experience feeding yogurt on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:46 pm

The feeding yogurt seemingly simple but she does not know how to correct mild feeding!

Nursing home she loves to eat yogurt, one day she can have two pots of yoghurt. I was also the consultant dietitian is a child should eat one or two boxes.

In fact there are plenty of mothers for their children to eat yogurt and still not fully understand its use and may not know how to choose and use yogurt.

Yogurt is made from cow's milk or milk powder with ferment (or with a yogurt). The yogurt nutrient loss is not only not go, but also beneficial to the child's digestive tract. Protein of sour milk after meeting will form smaller particles, when milk becomes yogurt, go into the stomach, will increase the acidity of the contents of the stomach, increasing their ability to digest, and make the beneficial intestinal bacteria to thrive. Therefore, yogurt (or yogurt) has many advantages over regular milk. Children do not digest well, often with diarrhea should eat more yogurt.

Yogurt has two types of fat yogurt and low-fat yogurt. The mother should choose to use buttermilk instead of milk for infants, especially infants under 2 years.

Low-fat yogurt cups fat were to go, so energy will be reduced, for the developing child, it causes a lack of energy, lead to bad nutrition. But for obese children, the low-fat yogurt will be a best choice.

The mother noted the child after eating yogurt Light:

- Do not cook yogurt, because when cooked, the milk clotting to make the beneficial bacteria will die, leading to loss of all the protective effect.

- Yogurt should eat less when cold, the mother may leave yogurt out of the fridge 15-20 minutes before feeding.

- The mother should remember, children should only use yogurt as a snack: the beneficial bacteria in yogurt conditions exist at a pH greater than or equal to 5.4, when hungry, the pH in the stomach just = 2, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt will be eliminated, reducing the effects on the body.

After eating, the stomach is contracting sharply, the pH can be increased from 3-5, this is ideal for the beneficial bacteria in yogurt activities.

- Give mouthwash after eating yogurt: by the beneficial bacteria in yogurt also works very strongly so very little damage tooth enamel.

- Do not mix with other drugs: substances in antibiotics, or drugs containing sulfur amino acids can also disrupt or destroy the beneficial bacteria in yogurt.
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