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Diet strengthen the immune system for children

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"Children eat more, fast growth" is something that any parent could wish for while raising small children. Child health care from their early years will help children have a solid body when mature. The following are some notes about the diet enhances the immune system for children.

For children to eat right, sufficient to increase resistance

According to nutrition experts, provide sufficient nutrients and energy needed for their bodies not only for the development of young children but also helps to have good resistance, can withstand some common childhood illnesses such as diarrhea, skin infections, respiratory tract infections. So have a full complement of nutrients for children.

Some nutrients are important and necessary for children is protein, animal protein, vegetable ... Parents should supplement minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium for children by eating more beef, eel, egg, shellfish, fish and need most is to give milk regularly ...

Mothers can also supplement vitamin, protein for children from fruits and vegetables ...

The lack of food substances such as amino acids, vitamins A, B1, C2, minerals and trace elements such as iron and zinc in the long run will lead to malnutrition, impaired immunity and endurance resistance in children.

For cases of child anorexia, weight loss, often sick, besides the addition of nutrients from food is also required additional treatment and nutrition for children with medication, but must have the guidance of Dr. teach children to walk

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