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6 steps at home nail care

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1 6 steps at home nail care on Tue May 22, 2012 3:44 pm

If paint or nail painting immediately, but ignore the step care, gradually, the nails will be thin, scratches and stains.

A. Nail polish remover now

Acetone polish remover is the most popular. However, not everyone knows if used properly this detergent. According to beauty experts, you should follow these steps:

- Pour acetone into a small bowl and warm the solution.

- Soak nails in warm acetone for 30 minutes

- When the paint begins to melt, you use cotton dipped in a solution and gently wipe your nails and hands.

The advantage of acetone is cleaning paint quickly but the drawback is an unpleasant smell. So you can replace it with the juices polish remover and odor mild moisturizer like Butter London, Zoy, La Fresh ...

Two. Filing fingernails

After scouring old paint, use nail filing device (rough paper) to the tip rounded or square. You should start filing from the center point of the nail and then cross to the side.

3. Cleaning up the excess skin around the nail (the corners)

Use lotion or oil softens the skin around the nails. Then, using a wooden stick head gently bevelled excess skin. You should not use regular scissors to cut corners because of the sharp scissors can cause skin damage.

4. Exfoliating the skin hand

Exfoliating the skin, wrists and arms with cream containing moisture. For the nail surface, you can use a soft toothbrush to scrub. Then rinse and dry your hands.

Five. Moisturize your hands

While both moisturize your hands and nails, you should combine the massage movements to relax the hands.

6. The foundation of nursing

This step helps nails become strong and not worn down by the type of nail polish. It also helps nail color is not gold.

After this step, you can rest assured your nails decorated with paint or love patterns without worrying fingernail injury.

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