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Antipyretic effective way for her folk

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1 Antipyretic effective way for her folk on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:42 pm

There are children who are not taking medication fever, vomiting gagged just drink to that, she insists there are not medicines. Many young parents wonder: Is there a way for her simple fever that effective?

Today was number two, Nuna not playing, loud as all of them today. Looking at the card Thiem bed mother and children Nuna show immensely. Yesterday came home, her assistant said Nuna fever since I was in class mothers worry about that. Today the mother at home caring Nuna. Bringing doctor Nuna, Nuna doctors say teething fever alone, she just let the fever medication as directed by your doctor is. But Nuna any medication on the back gagged and crying all the fuss was very tired. Wait for me to rest a few hours, she re-mixed batch Nuna other drugs for children but continued to drink and vomit Nuna as the children are tired mother.

Looking at you crying, my mother would like Nuna eyes brimmed with tears cried for the trade. A heating pad for the forehead, then fell asleep waiting for the Thiem, new Nuna mother calling for help friends, relatives, people who have small children to see how that fever for me without the use of drugs no, because you can not drink Nuna antipyretics, drinking in the vomit.

And finally, she Nuna "collect" is a popular series of measures to help the baby fever quite effective but easy, does not cause discomfort to the baby as fever medication.

- Use plants soot: soot Grass soak clean, then soak it with water and then boiled salt fish out into a clean mortar pound. Baby drinking filtered water, each taking about 50 ml. For infants under one year old, she can boil up to cool and then drink for your baby more comfortable. Soot residue may give in the towel to wipe the baby bucket, mop mostly in the forehead, armpits, groin, and soles.

- Wipe the baby: Getting baby into sheltered places, remove excess clothing and warm towels to wipe the baby, especially the parts underarm, lymph nodes, groin ... Do not put your baby lies in excessive heat. Feeding liquid food than usual to easily digestible and as orezol drink water, lemonade, orange juice. Do not apply to your baby in cold water, ice, wind is also not clear baby oil.

- Bathing your baby: Previously, the tool is often taboo in the bath when a fever, especially with children. But today, many studies have demonstrated, the main bath by lowering body heat very quickly but must comply with the technical side. The cool baby when fever is extremely important because young brains are weak so vulnerable. Bathing is the primary way to cool the brain.

Put her in a room, close the door for and remove the child's clothes. Water bath to ensure less than 2 degrees from the baby's body temperature (not lower too much to avoid thermal shock, she was cold). To the baby in a tub of water and bathe normally, the first bath for about 5-10 minutes, but still have to keep the water bath temperature of only 2 degrees less than her body temperature. After bathing, dry the baby wipes and baby wear light clothing. A few hours later the baby shower can to lower the temperature again. When bathing your baby, the most important thing is to avoid being cold wind to her.

- Sauna baby: Pour hot water into the tub or a large bowl and mix one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil or benjoin on. Bathroom doors closed to steam to the air leak out. Hold your baby on your hands or towel to sit on the floor is gone. Wearing a towel around the baby, do not wear clothes. He would sweat a lot. Steam heating oil will be absorbed through the skin into her lungs breathing.

Also, note that some parents need to remember when fever for children:
- In the course of fever, absolutely not turn on fans, turn on air conditioner. By doing this, take your baby's skin dry and hard to reduce fever. Let the bait her own breath.

- Fresh baby clothing, wipe the sweat and change clothes for the baby. Use fans staring slightly open hand for your baby if needed.

- Give your baby in the house and in a cool place. Or if you are outdoors, they must choose where the shade.

- Give your baby plenty of fluids, can be given rehydration solution oresol to avoid excessive dehydration.

- For liquid baby food, cool drinks such as yogurt, soup, soup ...

In the case of baby fever, but not better than 3 days despite all the way to apply should take her to visit soon. For infants under 3 months of age should take her to the doctors when fever. If your baby is breathing, floating spots on the skin accompanied by fever, the more so given may seek medical attention because she is suffering from severe infections. Tags: Kim novak photos | Oprah winfrey show | Al pacino filmography | Brad pitt troy | Peter Facinelli divorce , teach children to walk

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