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Adjust eating habits in baby

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1 Adjust eating habits in baby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:48 pm

Some coal was constantly hungry baby and snacking constantly but do not eat breakfast.

If so, you should check to see if she can eat or drink between meals without sweets. Too much junk food sweets cause decreased appetite, as well as inhibit development and affect the baby's behavior. Moreover, excessive use of sweets also cause malnutrition because it only provides energy but low in nutritional baked.

Fresh water is not nutritious beverages
A 400g can of cola only about 160kalo - almost no nutritional value but contain acid, caffeine and food coloring. Instead, a sponge cake (muffin) less sugar equivalent amount of calories but add 6g protein, 4g fiber and about 170 g of calcium with 2 g of iron is much more beneficial for the baby when used as snacks instead of fresh water .

Tooth decay - the warning signs of child eating too many sweets
One of the signs your baby is eating too many sweets, milk tooth decay. Sweet tooth enamel damage, stimulates plaque bacteria on the teeth, causing cavities within 20-30 minutes of eating sweets. Fruit juices contain sugar, foods with high sugar stick suck candy, marshmallows, dried fruit also makes baby teeth quickly broken.

Therefore, limit sweets and sugary drinks that help them start good oral health. In addition, parents should also let the baby to the dentist regularly, about once every 6 months to detect and promptly repair damage to their teeth.

Causes children to eat more sweets diarrhea, fatigue, skin disease
Eat many sweets cause his trouble with the digestive system. Because sweets as "fluid" system, intestinal acid changes in the intestinal tract, meaning that the bowel susceptible to bacterial infections, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders.

Should cut down on sweets when your baby diarrhea and baby can not eat yogurt to restore the intestinal tract.

Many sweets as she stressed: sugar foods are at a high GI (glycemic index - measuring the impact of carbohydrates to sugar in the blood of many foods, with numbers from 1 to 100), rapidly increase the amount but due to blood sugar spikes should not like to keep up the body, causing fatigue in children. To her active, healthy, choose the group of low GI foods such as soup, pasta, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples ...

Many sweets increasing evidence eczema, fungal and skin diseases in children: infectious skin, dryness, flaking scales in children may be due to lack of vitamins and minerals from eating many sweets. The skin may reflect her lack of being a parent to make timely adjustments to the child about eating. Limit sweet snacks and replace them with the sustenance. Such additional food rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 on the menu of the child as the fish.

1-2 years was a period of lazy natural food
After one year, the appetite of many little decrease in the growth rate slower than her previous one. This explains why many parents are extremely stressful for their children live in "water and air."

It is important that parents need to realize there are times when little food is extremely lazy but well developed. Eat less but still enough vitamins and minerals are still more effective than a round stomach.

Breakfast regularly, on time for her spirit 'healthy'
The research shows that breakfast can affect your baby's mood, help them better aware of (the children skipping breakfast will be hard to concentrate in class). Baby may drink a little water before breakfast (not the juice, just water but sparingly) because this way help them find more delicious breakfast.

Avoid nutrient-poor snacks instead of meals
Although some researchers claim there is no link between sugar consumption and certificate Attention Deficit Hyperactivity is the nutrient-poor junk food alternative meals will affect brain function (due to lack of vitamins and minerals).

Babies who lack magnesium, zinc, fatty acids, B vitamins seem to tend to develop some signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. Moreover, magnesium deficiency also caused muscle cramping and pain for the baby (because magnesium works to relax the muscles).
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